Current Research on Obesity

 Current research on Obesity is based on identify genetic, Behavioural, & environmental causes of obesity; to understand that how obesity leads to diabetes and cardiovascular diseases other health problems and to build on basic & Clinical research findings and study innovative prevention and treatment strategies. The research institutes, other agencies, private and public organizations all will play important roles in reducing the epidemic of obesity. Clinical Studies on Obesity, Biomarkers for Assessing Obesity, Obesity Surgery- Risks and Challenges, Bioinformatic Tools: Next-Generation Obesity, Remote Technologies and Telemedicine.

    In terms of our remit, obesity’s consequences for health are the dominant cause for concern. As, obesity results in a substantial increase in risk of type 2 diabetes and it  reveal  that a balance between approaches, reducing or preventing obesity and breaking the link between obesity and related diseases is necessary. An intermediate approach, targeting common points such as insulin resistance is also possible.



  • Biomarkers for Assessing Obesity
  • Remote Technologies and Telemedicine
  • Obesity Surgery- Risks and Challenges
  • Bio-informatic Tools: Next-Generation Obesity
  • Oxidative stress and Platelet Activation in Obesity
  • Probiotics for human health

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